Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chosen But Free

Chosen But Free
Yes, God has complete sovereignty over the world, yet He gives us free will. Sometimes we do not choose what is righteous, but rather what is pleasurable to us.  We tend to give into temptation because it seems easy, if God is our strength and our minds are set on Him; we can respond with power above sin, yet we choose to disobey God just like Adam did. God gives us the choice to choose the very opposite of evil which is good, but we sometimes turn our backs and do not listen to Him. God has chosen to give us free choice, but we sometimes can abuse that freedom. Although, God is sovereign over the entire world; He chooses not to be in control of our actions. Free will all over again. God allows sin in our lives so we can choose to love Him. Some people refuse and reject Him and end up set apart from His kingdom. It is their own free choice, but God also put certain people in others lives to help, encourage and lead them so maybe they can get saved and have an actual relationship with Jesus. He is not forceful; it is our choice to love God. He wants us to make the decision on our own. Our human nature is sinful, and we want to blame everyone but ourselves. God does not tempt us. It is ourselves to blame for our evil actions, but sometimes when we sin we blame God. We can become evil through negative influences in our lives, but not the influence of God because He is good. It is everything else that is evil, but our past should not determine our future. Norman Geisler states, free choice in this life means, “the ability to do otherwise” (21). We as the people can do whatever it is that pleases ourselves and others, but it does not necessarily have to be evil. I think Geisler is saying that if someone has free choice they will automatically use that freedom in a negative manner. One can have free choice and choose to use that free will for God’s purpose and use it in a good way. God voluntarily saves sinners; it was His choice and decision. He acted out of love and grace. As Christ died for us and rose, we shall live for Him. Christ died for everyone so that they might be saved, but not everyone accepts Christ and not everyone lives.  Every time we deny Christ it is like we are trampling the blood of Jesus. They will be lost here on earth where they are free to do evil. Only in Heaven will we be free from evil.
I think everyone is a hypocrite except for Jesus Christ. He came into a fallen world and choose not to sin. But Jesus is not like us. He was perfect and had no sinful nature. Even though Jesus was on Earth; He still had complete sovereignty of the world.
Crystal Higginbotham
THEO 202: Ergun Caner

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